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Real Name: Brian Savage
Occpation: Opal City Sheriff
Base of Operations: Opal City
Marital Status: Married
Eyes: Blue Hair: Black

In the 1840's, Brian Savage was stolen from his parents by Kiowa Indians, who named him Kw-Woh-No-Tay (He who is less tham Human). He was later given the name Scalphunter by non-native Americans he encountered.

After many adventures, Brian discovered his non Kiowan roots. He became more and more a gunfigher as he grew older, but never lost touch with the traditons he had been raised with.

In his 40s, Savage put down roots and became the sheriff of Opal City. He maintained order for over a decade until he married and retired to a ranch in the country.

Savage returned to Opal in 1899. A more violent time in the city's history, he was shot in the back and died while trying to defend the city.

Matt O'Dare recently learned that he was Brian Savage in a past life and has begun adapating the mannerisms and speech paterns of the old sheriff.

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