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The O'Dare Family

Since they originally immigrated to Opal City from Ireland in 1860, there has always been a member of the O'Dare family in the Opal City Police Department. (Starman Secret Files #1)

The first O'Dare Police Office mentioned in the Chronicles is Carny O'Dare, who was a deputy under Brian "Scalphunter" Savage in 1899. (Starman 54)
Currently the members of the family upholding the tradition are, from oldest to youngest; (and clockwise in the picture to the left) Clarence, Matt, Hope, Barry and Mason O'Dare.

They are all the children of William "Billy" O'Dare; a beat cop who played Watson to Ted Knight's Holmes back in the 1940's.

Billy O'Dare was a rookie and a big fan of Starman when he first teamed with Starman. The two were both captured seperately by The Prairie Witch (Billy while persuing the witch after she kidnapped another cop, Ted while trying to stop one of the Witch's robberies) and held in a silo. The two escaped using a Gravity Rod made from O'Dare's billyclub and some circutry Knight had sewed into the lining of his cape, for just such an emergency he needed to create a second rod. The two then worked together to stop the Witch's robbery. It was tangling with the Witch's hired goons that Billy first killed someone while on duty. Afterward, O'Dare and Knight promised to help each other whenever there was a need. (Starman Annual #1)

Billy remained a beat cop all his life. It was he who brought Jack home after he and several other boys were caught trying to break into a pharmacy sometime in his teen years. He pulled some favors and managed to keep Jack's name from being mentioned in the burglary report. He died less than a year later of some condtion stemming from his drinking too much. (Starman Secret Files, Starman Annual #1)

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