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Nash Real Name: Nash (Last Name Unknown)
Occupation: Supervillain
Base of Operations: Opal City and Europe
Marital Status: Single
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black

Daughter of The Mist, Nash was a quiet and withdrawn child with no friends but her older brother, Kyle. Driven to seek her father and brother's approval, Nash was drawn into a life of crime when she and Kyle helped their father in his final crime spree, in which he hoped to rob Ted Knight of everything he held dear.

Driven mad after her brother's death, Nash was imprisoned only to escape several months later. Using one of her father's machines, she gave herself the powers and became the second supervillain to use the name of The Mist.

It was during her first crime spree as The Mist that she kidnapped and raped Jack Knight. Nine months later, she had their son. Since then, Nash has romed about Europe, where in order to prove herself, she killed three members of the Justice Leauge of Europe. She has promised to one day return to Opal, to test Jack once they have both become as good as they can be.

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