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Matt O'Dare

Matt O'Dare

The second eldest of Billy O'Dare's children, Matt is also the darkest and most intense.

Matt O'Dare was on the take for various gangsters when the series started. Matt never intended to become a bad cop, but was forced to cover for another cop, whose family was threatned when the other cop became sick and couldn't "lose" some evidence. Matt reluctantly agreed to help, and very quickly found himself "loosing" evidence a lot more often.

This changed when Matt O'Dare had a vision of the lawman Scalphunter; the sherrif of Opal in the olden days. In the vision, Matt saw that he had been Scalphunter in a previous life and felt ashamed as he dishonored the legacies of two crimefighers... Scalphunter and his father. Afterwards, Matt made an effort to clean himself up. An effort that he was added in by The Shade, who had been friends with Scalphunter while he was sheriff. The two tracked down all those who could name Matt as a bad cop, and either convinced them to be quiet or silenced them.

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