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Other Starman Pages

Alex Tam's Starman Compendium: Arguably the best Starman site on the web.

Opal City: Along with the above, possibly the best Starman site you can find.

The Unofficial Starman Homepage: Yet another fine (though not updated in a while) Starman site.

Payton Place: A webpage dedicated to Will Payton, the fifth Starman.

The Starman Compilation: An archive of fan's Starman art.

Brian Frey's Homepage: The Official Homepage of Brian Frey (duh), who did the covers of the Starman Trade Paperbacks.

Next Exit: The Official Homepage of Andrew Robinson, current Starman cover artist.

DC Comics: The Official Homepage of Starman's Publisher.

DC Comics Starman Discussion Board: James Robinson sometimes posts news here. And even when he doesn't, it's still a good place to come discuss Starman.

Other Superhero/Comics Pages

The Dreaming: A very nice webpage about Neil Gaiman and the Sandman series.

The JSA Returns!: Dedicated to the new Justice Society of America, of which Jack is a member.

The Unofficial Green Arrow Compendium: Webby-worthy Green Arrow page, by cool guy Scott McCullar.

Dixonverse: The Official Webpage of Chuck Dixon, Writer of Nightwing and Birds of Prey.

The Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning: The Best Flash page out there.

The Unofficial Nightwing Page: The Best Nightwing page out there. Excellent Wonder Woman page.

The Green Lantern Corps: A HUGE Compendium on all things related to Green Lantern.

Comics News Sites

Fanzing.Com: An Independent DC Comics News/Reviews/Fan Fic/Fan Art Magazine.


Comic Book Resources

Mad Review

Captain Comics

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