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Charity’s Prophecies

The fortuneteller Charity has twice give Jack Knight predictions of what would happen in his future. Collected here are Charity's predictions and interpretations of what they refer to.

From Starman #2

"I see you... in the future. You're fighting the bad. You have your father's invention, the glowing rod. You use it well. It's night that I see you. Then and every then to come and you are a beacon for the weak and the scared within that darkness."

Interpretation: Doesn't take much to figure this one out, as we find out not one issue later that Jack will agree to take up the name of Starman to defend Opal permanently.

"I see you in the East... the far East. You're at a burial. There's a blessing and needles and paint there too."

Interpretation: Wesley Dodds’ funeral seems the best bet thus far. We know from Starman #30 that Wesley was traveling in the Far East. We also learn of his death there in JSA #1 of the new run. The only problem is that while Jack does attend the funeral, it is held in Valhalla: the cemetery where many superheroes are buried or at least have memorials, and it is quite definitely in America. Perhaps there was also a ceremony off-camera in Asia that Jack attended?

"You'll go into space. Deep outer space. There are other worlds out there. You'll go to one of them and... hate every minute of it.

Interpretation: Obviously a reference to the entire Stars My Destination storyline. The mention of other worlds with one in particular as the destination seems to refer to the Crown Imperial Empire (made of a thousand planets) and Throne World as the destination. Considering the reception he receives, it's hardly surprising that Jack hates every minute of his time there.

"And a winged man will come to Opal City. He knew your father, too... and yet he didn't. That point... it's vague. Even I can't make sense of it."

Interpretation: This probably refers to Hawkman, whose rather troubled continuity James Robinson has said in interviews he hoped to address and fix at some point, either in the pages of Starman or elsewhere. Ted did know the first Hawkman, but since all of the people who bore the name of Hawkman were merged into one back in Zero Hour (don't ask... just DON'T ask...), any Hawkman existing at that time would be someone Ted didn't know. And of course, what has happened to Hawkman is so confusing that it's no wonder Charity can't make sense of it.
It may also refer to the Black Condor, who has also appeared in Opal. But there has been no indication of the current Black Condor knowing Ted Knight. Perhaps Charity means that Ted knew the first Black Condor, but doesn't know the new one?
UPDATE: 6/4/00: As of this writing, there are rumors of Hawkman's return being planned for JSA at some point between issues #20-25. This would come about the same time as the final planned issues of Starman, so it could be possible that Jack will meet the new Hawkman soon, either in his own book or in JSA.

"Oh, and you'll have a night at the circus like no other.

Interpretation: See A Knight at the Circus for the full story of that night.

From Starman #17

"You're close to space now. Outer space. (You will go there) because your father did. Because someone will ask you to, who you'll feel unable to refuse."

Interpretation: Again, this is foreshadowing Stars My Destination, but this time we are given a motivation for why Jack will eventually go into space.

(Regarding the "Winged Man")
"His path has changed course. As a result, you may never meet him after all."

Interpretation: At the time of this story, DC Editorial was very hesitant about letting anyone touch the mess that was Hawkman for fear of things becoming even more convoluted. As such, this was probably written to give James Robinson a backdoor out of what he said before, in case he never got a chance to work on Hawkman as he wanted.
UPDATE: 6/4/00: But if the rumors are true, James will be getting his chance soon.

"They of the lightning and thunder will first come your way"

Interpretation: Foreshadowing of Lightning And Stars, where Jack meets the Marvel Family.

"And an old man with a heart like a cool, green field."

Interpretation: Wesley Dodds, though never described in such a manner to my knowledge, seems a fitting choice being the oldest calmest man Jack meets in the series.

(In regards to the possibility of Starman causing Jack's death)
"There are two crossroads you will come to. Taking the wrong turn either time will result in death."

Interpretation: Lord knows...Jack has come close to death several times, so this could be anything.

(In regards to Jack finding peace)
"That will come when you hold your son's hand. One day."

Interpretation: A reference to Jack's son by Nash, probably. Jack has yet to see him, but getting him away from Nash probably WILL give Jack some peace of mind.

"If you ever have a thought... some strange, wild thought... or a name pops into your head for no reason... it may be important later on. You have my ability, only less so."

Interpretation: In the beginning of issue #20, Jack has a dream vision of Wesley Dodds while pondering the question of finding a badge belong to The Mist. It later turns out that Wesley did indeed have the badge.

(After being asked out by Jack and turning him down)
"But here. Opal City. There's another I'll meet and love."

Interpretation: The "another" in this case is Mason O'Dare, who Charity met after he came to protect her at the end of Starman #24. She expresses serious interest in him in Starman #29 and later refers to him as "her Mason" in Starman #61.

From Starman #29

(Regarding Jack's Son)
"One day you'll hold his hand and smile and you'll go on a car ride together.

Interpretation: None yet.

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