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Site History

06/11/00- The Shade Miniseries (#1-4), Stars In My Eyes (Annual #2), Talking with Ted...Talking with Jack (Secret Files #1) and Times Past:Part One (#6,#11,#18,#28) Added to Synopses.

06/10/00- 'A Christmas Knight''Legends of the Dead Earth' and 'The Return of Bobo' Added to Synopses.

06/09/00- 'Sand and Stars' and 'Hell and Back' Added to Synopses.

06/07/00- Covers added to Cover Gallery.

06/06/00- 'Sins of the Child' and "Talking With David '96" Added to Synopses.

06/05/00- Charity's Prophecies Added to Oddities.

06/04/00- 'Sins of the Father', "Talking With David '95" and 'Knight at the Circus' added to Synopses.

05/26/00- Map of Opal added to Oddities.

05/25/00- Oddities Page Completed, Cosmic Rod Diagram Added.

05/24/00- Links Page Added.

05/23/00- Site Started, Index Page Added, Site History Page Added.

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