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Starman #7

Writer: James Robinson
Pencils: Tony Harris
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger
Letters: John Workman Jr.(#7-9), Gaspar(#10)
Colors: Gregory Wright
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#7, May 1995
A (K)Night at the Circus: Part One

We join Jack as he goes bargain hunting in the rural part of Turk County, outside the city. Jack eventually passes by a circus and decides to stop there, not having been to once since he was six or seven. Ever the fan of the odd and unusual, the first thing Jack checks out is the Freak Show. He spends an hour or two looking at Finnegan the Fish Boy and chatting with Octavia the Octopus woman. He's wandering around when he sees a tent labeled "The Cosmic Geek". Jack wanders in, and sees the chained blue-skinned man, whom we saw in the Epilogue of Starman #3. This man (Mikaal Tomas) reaches out and touches Jack. This causes Jack to run out of the tent, his mind swimming with visions of the blue-skinned man in a costume, and dancing in a disco and then being jumped.

Later that night, Jack meets with the carnival owner, Mister Bliss. He introduces himself as a collector and asks about any old props and movie posters Bliss might want to sell. He then asks about The Cosmic Geek and if he is being held against his will. Bliss assures Jack that it is all an act and that the actor playing the Geek had been planning some "additions" to make his act more realistic. He apologizes, assures the matter will be addressed and gets a large freak called Crusher (his real name is Lyle) to show Jack to their storage area.

As Jack and Crusher go to the props trailer, Jack bumps into a woman by accident. He tries to apologize, but the woman reacts very coldly even for someone who was just nearly walked over by Jack. (This woman is Sadie, but we won't find out her name until Starman #10.) The two then take a detour by the Cosmic Geek tent, so Jack can see it is just an act. As jack enters the tent, he is jumped and attacked by all the freaks, who were hiding in the tent. Jack barely manages to get away and collapses, tired and with his shirt ripped, in the fields near the circus.

Sometime later, we see Jack driving back to Opal to get his costume and rod. As he leaves his car, Jack has another vision, like the one on the rooftop right before he met Nash(Starman #2). This vision features the same smell of limes, sea salt and caraway, but the smell is now accompanied by the vision of a pirate dressed in black. The issue ends with Jack putting on his costume and preparing for battle.


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