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Starman V

Will Payton Real Name: Will Payton
Occupation: Writer
Base of Operations: Tuscon, Arizona
Marital Status: Single
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

While camping in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Will Payton fell asleep one night, only to awaken a month later on an examination table in a county morgue. He soon discovered that during his missing month, he had acquired awesome powers and abilities: he could lift objects weighing many tons, fly at supersonic speeds and radiate blinding light and withering heat. Will's body had become considerably denser and more durable, and he found that he could change his features, even to the point of altering the color of his skin, hair and eyes. He no longer had a heartbeat or needed to breathe, and he eventually came to the realization that he was no longer human. Will Payton had, in effect, become a living star.

Will revealed his powers to his sister, Jayne, who convinced him to become a costumed hero. He became the main superhero of Phoenix, Arizona and gained national fame when he saved Superman's life on two seperate occasions.

It was believed that Will was killed while fighting the God of Darkness, Eclipso. It was recently revealed, however, that he was alive somewhere in outer space. Jack Knight and Mikhal Tomas searched for Payton, eventually finding him, and making the discovery of how Will gained his powers. (See Stars My Destination: Part Two for the full details.)

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