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Starman IV

Prince Gavyn Real Name: Gavyn
Occupation: Emporer
Base of Operations: Throneworld
Marital Status: Married
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Gavyn was the prince of the capital planet of an empire of some 24 inhabited worlds. It was the laws of his people that when a new Emperor was crowned all others who had a claim to the throne would be executed, to prevent unrest and rebellion. Gavyn intended to change this law to protect the life of his sister. Unfortunately for him, his sister did not feel the same and upheld the law when she was made ruler instead of Gavyn. The prince was cast into space and died for a moment, his spirit revived a being called Mn’Torr.

Mn’Torr would teach Gavyn hat he was a freak and that he had a power he could draw forth naturally from the stars. He trained Gavyn to use this power and made the rather foolish prince wise. He would return ot the Throneworld and act as it's protector, until his sister died. At that point, he claimed the throne, dissolved the empire (leaving him with one world to rule) and married his love, Merria. They lived quite happily until Gavyn sacraficed himself, trying to use his powers to turn back a wave of anti-matter energy that threatened to destroy his planet.

The wave was stopped, though by the intervention of hundreds of heroes light years away and not by Gavyn's intervention. Still, he was declared a hero by his people and was still honored until recently, when it was revealed he was not quite as dead as was once thought. (See Stars My Destination: Part Two for the full details.)

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