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Contained herein are plot summaries for every issue of the current Starman run. It should be noted that these summaries are nothing more than a quick reference guide for those who missed an issue or are late in coming to this wonderful story, so that they may fully appreciate what is going on now.

These summaries are in no way meant to substitute for the real comics... as if that were possible!

Minor plot points that are discussed or developed later in the series are printed in itallics like so
and/or linked to an appropriate ajoining page. The first apperance or reference to an important character is marked with a link to a page devoted to that character.

Finally, though it really goes without saying... SPOILERS WITHIN.

Sins Of The Father (#0-5)
A Knight At The Circus (#7-10)
Sins Of The Child (#12-17)
Sand And Stars (#19-23)
Hell And Back & A Christmas Knight (#24-27)
Times Past: Part One (#6,11,18,28)
The Shade Mini-Series(#1-4)
Infernal Devices (#29-35,37,38)
Talking with Ted...Talking with Jack (Secret Files #1)
Lightning and Stars (#39-40)
Starman: 80 Page Giant (80 Page Giant #1)
Batman/Hellboy/Starman (Elseworlds #1,#2)
Stars In My Eyes (Annual #2)
Good Girls and Bad (The Mist #1)
Several Scattered Stories (#41,43,45,47)
Times Past: Part Two (#36,42,44,46,54)
All the Starlight Shining (Starman #1,000,000)
Stars My Destination: Part One(#48-53)
Stars My Destination: Part Two(#55-60)
Grand Guignoi (#61-73)
Legends of the Dead Earth (Annual #1)

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