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Starman #12

Starman #12 Writer: James Robinson
Pencils: Tony Harris
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger Colors: Gregory Wright
Letters: Bill Oakley
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#12, October 1995
Jack’s Day (The First Part) ; Sins of the Child: Part One

10:00 AM-10:19 AM: Jack and Ted talk on the steps of the Opal City Court of Law and then go for a walk in the park. Jack expresses his guilt over his killing Kyle and asks Ted if he ever killed someone. Ted says that perhaps he killed the Ragdoll, but there is no way to be sure. Jack confirms that he still wants to be Starman, despite his being uncomfortable with the killing.

10:45 AM: Mikaal and Grundy relax in the field near Ted’s Observatory.

11:04 AM: Nash kills Cardiff Mayhugh (Murder #1)

11:34 AM: Jack and Ted finish their pool game, and notice the disappearance of Grundy and Mikaal.

12:10 PM: Jack leaves the observatory to look for Mikaal and Grundy after Ted calls the police. Jack promises to call Ted at 2 PM.

12:44 PM: Nash kills Bill Delaney, a retired pathologist (Murder #3)

Jack fights through the gauntlet

1:58 PM: Having just come from Freak Town, Jack lands and looks for a pay phone to call his dad, Jack then sees something so beautiful that it stuns him (We later learn it is a building that would be perfect to rebuild his shop into). Jack is so awe struck, in fact, that he doesn’t sense Nash’s henchmen sneaking up on him.

9:42 PM: Slightly before this, Jack wakes up naked. He is told by Nash that she his holding Mikaal and Grundy hostage elsewhere and that they are in the Abandoned Funboy Toy Factory. She has turned the factory into a gauntlet and stocked it with hired muscle. Jack must run her maze, recover his clothes and get his rod at the end. If he refuses, she’ll just kill him there.

9:42 PM-10:02 PM: During this 20 minute period, Jack recovers his shorts and goggles. Using a set of lockpicks he kept concealed in the goggles, Jack picks the lock on one of the sealed off doors and hides inside the room to try and get a breather. In this room, Jack finds a TV which he turns on. He finds out about the crime spree going on all around town and that Nash has committed six murders, all older men but one. He also learns of the Chandler Building exploding at 9:50 PM. Jack then finds a phone and tries to call his father, only to have a strange voice tell him that his father is dead. As the strange voice hangs up the phone, Jack spins around to see that the henchmen have found him.