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Starman #13

Starman #13 Writer: James Robinson
Pencils: Tony Harris
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger Colors: Gregory Wright
Letters: Bill Oakley
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#13, November 1995
Tedís Day ; Sins of the Child: Part Two (Underworld Unleashed Issue)

9:59 AM: Ted and Jack leave the Opal Court of Law, Jack having just been cleared of the murder of Kyle.

10:19 AM: Ted suggests they get to the car and go back to the Observatory for brunch.

10:27 AM: In the car, the two talk about art. Ted surprises Jack by saying his favorite artist is Jackson Pollock.

Old man, indeed!

11:26 AM: Nash kills Sam Doonie, a retired museum curator (Murder #2)

11:25 AM: Grundyís butterfly flies off and he asks Mikaal why the beauty always goes away. Mikall responds by bathing Grundy in the yellow glow of light from his gem.

11:34 AM: After noticing Mikaal and Grundy are gone, Jack goes out into the field to look for them.

11:41 AM: Jack returns to the Observatory, having found no sign of them.

12:10 PM: Jack flies off to look for Grundy and Mikaal.

4:57 PM: Ted, worried about Jack, gets tired of waiting for a phone call at the house and decides to drive around the city looking for any sign of them.

8:49 PM: Ted goes to the Police Station and talks with Barry. Ted asks about all the sudden crime wave that started after Noon. Barry tells him that they know that Nash has become the new Mist and that all the crimes are probably her doing. He also warns Ted that word on the street says that thereís another supervillian who was brought in from out of town for purposes unknown. Barry then receives words that Mason was just shot ten minutes earlier trying to stop two of the Mistís hired goons. Ted heads back to the Observatory as Barry goes to the hospital.

9:41 PM: Ted arrives at the Observatory and discovers Dr. Phosphorus waiting for him. Dr. Phosphorus has new powers, having just sold his soul to Neron (this story taking place during Underworld Unleashed). A fight breaks out, with Ted running further into the house to try and get away.

10:02 PM: Dr. Phosphorus answers the phone and tells Jack that his father is dead. Shortly after, Ted defeats Phosphorus by covering him with a strong liquid coolant that kills his fire. Ted then turns on the news and learns of the Chandler Building explosion at 9:50 PM. He also learns of the men Nash killed and recognizes them as old friends of his. Ted wonders, as does the new reporter, where is Starman?