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Starman #14

Starman #14 Writer: James Robinson
Pencils: Tony Harris (p.4-6 - Tony)
Tommy Lee Edwards (p.1,14,19 - Barry)
Stuart Immonen (p.2,3,10 -Clarence)
Chris Sprouse (p.7-9 - Lucy)
Andrew Robinson (p.11-13 - Mason)
Gary Erskine (p.15-18 - Matt)
Amanda Conner (p.20-22 - Hope)
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger (p.1-14,19-22)
Gary Erskine (p.15-18)
Colors: Gregory Wright
Letters: Bill Oakley
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#14, December 1995
The Opal’s Day/The O’Dare’s Day; Sins of the Child: Part Three Barry going to work

10:23 AM: Barry O’Dare leaves for work, thinking about the date he has with a nurse named Claire that night.

12:02 PM: Clarence is eating lunch with his partner, showing off the hockey tickets his wife bought him as a surprise gift. Leaving the restaurant, the two cops see armed, masked men running out of the 3rd Opal Bank and a jewelry store at the same time. Clarence comments that there is no way that can be a coincidence.

Clarence at work. 1:27 PM: Clarence gets involved in a shoot out at what appears to be an art museum.

2:15 PM: Clarence chases after three thugs in his car, in a good old-fashioned, ‘Starsky and Hutch’ style police car chase.

3:11 PM: Clarence stops a hold up at a local restaurant.

So shines a good deed in a weary world.

3:15 PM: Tony Florence, a citizen of Opal, looks at the piano that belonged to his dead wife Jenny. A fire is spreading down his block, but he’s delayed leaving the building so he can look at the piano: one of the last few things he has to remember his dead wife by. Finally, the firemen come and tell him he has to leave. The firemen then carry out Tony’s next door neighbor; a cranky old woman named Mrs. Lowe. She has to be carried, because she’s throwing a fit about her pet parrot Henry, her one companion, who the firemen refuse to stop and get. Tony takes a momentary bit of joy from the thought that the wicked old woman will now feel what it’s like to be as lonely as he is without Jenny. Tony then realizes that nobody should suffer what he does, even an old bitch like Mrs. Lowe. Tony saves Henry, and this deed of heroism makes him feel good for the first time in a long while.

3:39 PM: Nash kills Red Bailey, the retired Police Commissioner (Murder #4) She also kills Red’s nurse, a single mother named Lucy Collins.

6:45 PM: Clarence is involved in another shootout, idly noting to his partner that his hockey game started half an hour before.

8:17 PM: Clarence stops another robbery at the Opal City Trust.

Mason takes a shot

8:36 PM: Mason is shot in the shoulder, trying to stop two thugs who are holding hostages at Opal Jewelers.

9:11 PM: Barry leaves the hospital, after making sure Mason will be okay.

Matt has a vision.

9:24 PM: Matt has another vision of Scalphunter telling him to change his ways. Matt acts, attempting to arrest the drug dealers he is working with. A fire fight breaks out, with Matt killing two of the dealers before the other two can even return fire.

9:50 PM: Barry, spurred by a feeling, came to the Chandler Building just before it blew up. He tries to control the panicked crowds.

Hope chasing some of the Mist's thugs.

10:48 PM: Hope chases three thugs across the rooftops of Opal city. As she chases them, she shoots one and another falls down the gap between buildings. The third one charges her, and nearly knocks her off a ledge. Hope catches herself, but loses her gun. Things look bad until The Shade appears, kills the third thug, and helps Hope up.