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Starman #15

Starman #15 Writer: James Robinson
Pencils: Tony Harris
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger
Colors: Ted McKeever
Letters: Bill Oakley
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#15, January 1996
Mikaal’s Day; Sins of the Child: Part Four

8:44 AM: Mikaal is up, looking at how beautiful it is outside. Ted leaves to meet Jack for his trial, after making sure Mikaal will be okay alone.

9:23 AM: Grundy finds Mikall and asks if Mikaal would like to come outside with him.

10:44 AM: Grundy starts chasing the butterfly.

Mikhal and Grundy hang out.

11:08 AM: Jack and Ted arrive at the observatory. After checking to make sure Grundy and Mikaal are okay, the two go inside.

11:32 AM: Mikall is still shinning light from his gem on Grundy.

11:33 AM: Mikall and Grundy are jumped by five thugs and kidnapped.

The Chandler Building explodes.

4:17 PM: Nash kills Wilson May, a world-renowned artist. (Murder #5)

4:00 PM: (time isn’t stated, but a clock is drawn in the background) Mikaal is woken up by Frankie Soul, leader of the gang that kidnapped him and Grundy. Frankie starts beating up the bound Mikaal, explaining that he is doing it to avenge his father; a costumed Villain called “No Mercy”. (See Starman: 80 Page Giant for that story) He says he’d like to kill Mikaal, but that he’s being kept alive as a bargaining chip by Mist. Frankie leaves with his right hand, Sammy, to take care of some business. This leaves the other three members of the gang (Mars, Brody and Geiger) to guard over Mikaal and Grundy.

9:50 PM: Mikaal awakes to find two henchmen still beating Grundy. They decide to kill Grundy and then argue over how to do it: cut him apart with an axe or set him on fire. Desperate to do something, Mikaal screams as his gem starts glowing. The resulting energy release causes the explosion at the top of the Chandler Building.