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Starman #16

Starman #16 Writer: James Robinson
Pencils: Tony Harris
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger
Colors: Gregory Wright
Letters: Bill Oakley
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#16, February 1996
Jack’s Day (The Second Part) ; Sins of the Child: Part Five

10:03 PM: Jack fights off three thugs in the room where he found the TV and phone. He fights his way through the maze, only to confront Nash at the end of the maze. She tells him that despite having the opportunity to kill him right there, she’s decided to let him live so that the two of them can both work on becoming better heroes and villains and have a truly worthy fight someday later.

Nash explains that the reason she killed the five men was because they helped Ted Knight fight her father. As a reward, Ted showed these men her father’s secret lab. After that, one of the few things her father valued disappeared: a medal he had won in The Great War (WWI). The Mist told Nash that one of the first men he had ever fought as a criminal had taken the medal, so she assumed it had to be one of those five men, having searched Ted Knight’s house before she had blown it up (Starman #0).

Clarence with his Wife/ Matt tending his wounds.

Nash also explains how she hired Dr. Phosphorus to kill Ted because she didn’t like the idea of doing that killing herself. She also agrees to leave Ted alone when she returns, saying that both he and her father should be granted some peace. She then tells Jack that they are both very much alike deep down; and that his heroism like her villainy is just an act. She finishes by saying she will come for a final battle in one year and then fades away into mist and disappears.

11:55 PM: By this time, most of the fires have been put out, the wounded treated and the dead counted.

Nash leaves town/ Dr. Phosphorus sits/The gang leave.

12:00 AM: We receive a breakdown of where every character is.

Ted is at the observatory, having just received the news that Jack is alive.

Clarence has spent the last hour hugging and kissing his wife, Faith.

Jack watching over the city.

Matt is at home, dressing his wounds.

Grundy and Mikaal, both having survived the explosion, are in the hospital.

Nash, now the Mist, is leaving town by train.

Dr. Phosphorus is being held in a special cell.

Frankie Soul and Sammy are leaving town by car.

Barry, Hope and Mason meet with The Shade, who tells them of some great coming danger. (Probably the Poster Demon)

Jack sits on a rooftop, looking over the city.