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Starman #18

Starman #18 Writer: James Robinson
Artist: John Watkiss
Letters: Okaley/N.J.Q
Colors: Gregory Wright
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#18, April 1996
1941: First Joust

This entry in Shade's journal details the first battle between The Mist and Starman. Starman first learns of The Mist when he investigates a robbery scene at a restaurant. The head officer at the scene, a Captain Bailey, tells him about the Mist and the condition of the robbery victims. All the patrons were unconscious, save those who were drinking brandy, who died. Oddly enough, it is revealed that The Mist killed one of his henchmen who tried to rape a sleeping woman; an oddly honorable action for a killer. Later, Starman found The Mist at a bank he was robbing. The Mist escaped after taking a woman hostage and forcing Starman to remove the gas mask that protected him from the Mistís knockout gas.

Ted saves The Mist

Later, Starman finds out from Red Bailey that only one man was killed at the bank: a business manager named Victor Ross, whom Bailey discovered was very fond of Brandy. Starman then went on to question four men; Dr. Bill Delaney (a pathologist who does an autoposy on Ross), Wilson May (a local artist whose name he heard mentioned by one of the Mistís henchmen), Cardiff Mayhugh (a local reporter) and Sam Doonie (a museum curator). After talking to these men, Starman figures out why The Mist committed the random murders and captures The Mist as he tries to leave town by train. The Mist tries to escape by jumping off the train but Starman catches him. Starman asks why Mist spared him at the bank and Mist says it didnít seem right to kill him when he couldnít fight back. Mist asks why he was saved and Starman says that heroes never let their enemies die. Mist asks questioningly ďAnd Villains do? I shall remember that for next timeÖĒ

Starmen then meets with the five men who helped him; Red Bailey, Dr. Delaney, Wilson May, Cardiff Mayhugh and Sam Doonie. He discovered that Ross, the man killed at the bank, was Wilson Mayís business manager. Sam Doonie wanted to exhibit Mayís works in Opal, but Ross felt that the Opal Museum was too small a venue for Mayís work. Doonie hired another agent, Collete Boyle, to try and sign May and get him to put some of his works in Opal. Boyle went to rather extreme measures; however, and hired The Mist to create a gaseous compound that would cause death in habitual brandy drinkers like Ross; a discovery made by Dr. Delaney. It was Mayhugh who gave Starman the information about who the rivalries in the art world and led him to Boyle. Starman then offers to show the men a secret hideout of The Mist that he discovered that was full of all manner of oddities. The men agree, not knowing that this action will bring about their deaths more than fifty years later when the daughter of the Mist goes on her first crime spree. (See Sins of the Child.)