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Starman #19

Starman #19 Writer: James Robinson
Pencils: Tony Harris
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger
Letters: Bill Oakley/N.J.Q.
Colors: Gregory Wright
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#19, May 1995
Talking With David '96

Jack finds himself back in the black and white world, shipwrecked on an island. He is rescued by a silent pirate, who turns out to be David in disguise. David takes Jack to a pirate ship, where he tells Jack that something that happens in the future will require Jack to know what it was like to be a pirate.

The two discuss the events of the last year. David, always more interested in the tales of superheroes and villains than Jack, tells him that Grundy was the one who killed Skyman. He also says that Dr. Phosphorus powers were radioactive in nature and that a burn from his powers should have killed their father. Jack comments that Ted noticed the same thing and said that despite Dr. Phosphorus' boasts of being more powerful, it seems like he has become weaker. He also notes that if Dr. Phosphorus ever gets out of jail, he'll probably go after Ted again. Jack tells David of Mist's comments about the two of them being alike and just playing out the parts of good and evil. He says that he's going to find a way to prove her wrong, somehow.

The two brothers then see another ship in the distance, and with a crew of zombie pirates, they attack the ship. After the battle, they pull into port (the wharf of old Opal) and David reminds Jack that it's his birthday. With that thought in mind, David motions to the dock and gives Jack a present: the spirit of their mother, waiting for Jack. The story ends with an ecstatic Jack running off the ship to talk to his mom for the first time in over twenty years.