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Starman #28

Starman #28 Writer: James Robinson
Pencils: Craig Hamilton
Inks: Ray Snyder
Letters: Okaley/N.J.Q
Colors: Gregory Wright
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#28, March 1997
1976: Superfreaks and Backstabbers

We see Mikaal in dance club in Opal. He is sitting down and taking a break when a strange man with blue skin confronts him. The other alien’s name is Komack and he knows Mikaal, although Mikaal doesn’t remember him. In fact, Mikaal doesn’t remember much since taking up drugs. Komack tells him that he and Mikaal are the last two members of there race and that a year ago there were 39 million. Theirs was a race of conquerors and they were going to invade Earth. But Mikaal (who was an elite warrior of this race) and his lover, a woman named Lyssa, revolted and tried to warn Earth of the invasion. Lyssa was killed but Mikaal escaped, went to Earth and joined the heroes there, fighting with his sonic crystal: a special weapon that worked with only his unique physiology. Komack says that they would have eventually killed him, but that most of his race killed themselves or died in space after a Darkstar named “Chaser Bron” used a genoicide device Mikaal’s race had created to use on the Daxamites to destroy their home world. Komack intended to come to Earth to kill Mikaal, but became a slave to one of the other dangers of Earth in the 70’s: sex. Yes, he became as hooked on the women of Earth as Mikaal had to drugs and acquired a disease (herpes) which was fatal to their race. Determined to finish his mission before death, Komack and Mikaal use two pills and a device to allow their astral forms to combat. The resulting battle fuses Mikkal’s sonic crystal medallion to his chest. As he leaves the club, Mikkal is jumped by a group of men, one of who looks like a younger Frankie Soul (from Starman #15). Shade’s journal notes that Mikkal disappeared then, not reappearing until he was bought for Bliss’ circus in 1988.