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Starman #3

Starman #3 Writer: James Robinson
Pencils: Tony Harris
Inks: Wade Von Grawbadger
Letters: John E. Workman
Colors: Gregory Wright
Assistant Editor: Chuck Kim
Editor: Archie Goodwin

#3, January 1995
Night F(l)ight (Sins of the Father: Part Four)

We find that during his talk with the Mist, Jack agreed to a duel with Kyle in the skies over Opal for the life of his father. Hope O’Dare tells Jack that she admires him for doing something so heroic, but Jack denies being a hero and says that he’s just doing it because he has just enough morals to not let his dad get killed. Jack then has a flashback to when he was a kid and he had just gotten a Viewmaster reel from the 40’s: one of his father in the Macy’s Day Parade as Starman. He remembered showing it to David, then David saying that he was going to be just like his Dad when he grew up. Then Jack realizes he was remembering it wrong and that it was HE who said that he wanted to be just like his dad that day.

Jack impales Kyle on his rod

At that same time, Nash and Kyle are saying their farewells. We find out that Nash doesn’t stutter around Kyle when they’re alone and that they are as close as Jack and David were apart. Kyle gives Nash his stylized sunglasses to hold and promises that as soon as he’s done with the duel they can go see a movie together.

While Kyle and Jack fight, The Shade appears to Mason, Matt and Hope. He explains that the only reason he kidnapped Ted Knight was to learn the location of The Mist’s hideout, noting that all he wants is a quiet peaceful city and having a Starman around does that nicely.

Nash issues a warning

With the aid of The Shade, the O’Dares and other police stormed The Mist’s Hideout, which was in the Knight Family Mausoleum. The Mist and Nash were captured as Jack impaled Kyle upon his Cosmic Rod. He then swears to never take a life again.

Meeting up with the O’Dares at the Mauseoleum, Matt gives Jack a letter from The Shade, who disappeared after it was made certain Ted was safe. The letter read simply "We’ll meet. We’ll talk. I have two gifts". Nash was led away by the police, yelling at Jack and asking how he could kill her brother after she spare his life on the rooftop. She then puts on her brother’s sunglasses and says "Wait and see what I become". Notably, she has stopped stuttering. Jack comments on this and Nash responds by saying "That was someone else". The Mist is led past, his mind is gone: snapped when he heard the news that his son was dead.

Ted and Jack then go to an old observatory outside of town, where he first developed the Cosmic Rod. Father and Son strike a bargain. Jack agrees to take over the role of Starman if Ted will start trying to find a way to use the cosmic energy that powers the rod as an energy source for things other than weapons.

Mikhal Tomas, the 3rd Starman Will Payton, the 5th Starman

The issue ends with two epilogues. First, we see a circus, with a blue-skinned man in chains. We are told that once, he was Starman. (This is Mikaal Tomas, Starman III or The 70’s Starman). And then, we see an alien world… a statue of a man with a star on his chest (Prince Gavyn, Starman IV ). And then an alien lab where an Earth man is chained and studied. He is Will Payton and once, he too was Starman (Starman V).