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Starman VI

David Knight Real Name: David Knight
Occupation: Deceased
Base of Operations: Opal City
Marital Status: Single
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

The eldest son of Ted Knight, David devoted himself to emulating his father in every way, with the hopes of one day replacing him as Starman. We don't know many specific details of his past, save that he studied the sciences and athletics and that he did not get along with his artistic and more independent brother, Jack.

David put the costume on for a short time, in order to challenge Will Payton, who he percieved as trying to steal his birthright at a time when Ted was presumed dead. (This occured in Starman #26 of the Will Payton series).

Still, it was to David that Ted eventually left his title and costume. David spent a few bittersweet days as Starman, before being killed by the Mist's son, Kyle. Since then, David has appeared in visions to Jack and Mikhal. offering warnings of the future.

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